The Coastal Creatives’ Exhibition West Buildings Shelter
Worthing Promenade

Opening 7th July 2022 and Exhibiting throughout the Summer

Gallery of Creativity

"When I saw your work on Worthing seafront I felt moved to send you my images as they seemed in keeping with your project. I wanted to connect with something close to my heart - the beach  -  Artist Richard Biddle

“I walk past here everyday and I have never seen so many people stop and read. This is such an engaging exhibition and the subject matter is excellent. We really enjoyed it thank you”  Becky, Avis and Graham 

  “We live in Worthing and were blown away when we first saw this exhibition. We love to read how each Artist created their work and why. The recycled art makes us stop and think about the environment and appreciate the area we live in” 

"The sketches for me evoke a lovely feeling and remind me of my younger days of living by Goring by Sea" Marian  

Click audio to hear Chris’s song (and sing along!) Produced by Steve Redfearn

I used to play in a band and write songs years ago. Your work and our chat has inspired me to pick up the guitar and write again.”